Social Media Coupons & Promotions

Twitter, Facebook, Video, Trivia, Email & more.

QR Code

Scan a QR code to verify users when they use your coupon.

Online / Offline

Coupons can be redeemed online (via a code) or offline (print.)


Your own domain name and no mention of TwtQpon.

Create a Twitter Coupon

Users must tweet a link to the coupon to see the coupon code and use it.

Start a Twitter Coupon

Create a Facebook Coupon

Users must authenticate with their Facebook account. Ask for shares and likes.

Start a Facebook Coupon

Create a Video Coupon

Create your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Vine or Instagram and ask your users to watch it to get a passcode in the video. Using that passcode, they will be able to get the coupon code.

Start a Video Coupon

Create a Trivia Coupon

Ask a trivia question and have different coupons show up based on the users answer.

Start a Trivia Coupon

Create a Feedback Coupon

Get feedback about a product or issue. Reward your users for their feedback.

Start a Feedback Coupon

Create a Newsletter Coupon

Collect Email addresses and newsletter subscriptions. Users must enter a valid email address to get the coupon code.

Start a Newsletter Coupon

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