TwtQpon helps you to increase sales through Twitter coupons.

Create a Coupon

In order for your users to claim a coupon, they must tweet about it. This guarantees that more people will see it each time a coupon is used.

In-store Redemption

A QR Code is generated for in-store redemption.

Direct Links or Codes

Add an online code/ link to your ecommerce site.


You can offer a percentage off their purchases.


You can offer a fix dollar amount discount off their purchases.

Buy one get one FREE

You can offer a free offer with a purchase of something else.

Support & Feedback

Hi there, my name is Felipe Coimbra. I'm the founder of 63 Squares. TwtQpon is one of our products. Thinking about using our services? Have general questions? I'd love to hear from you! You can always email me directly at

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